Advent Teas Part 2!

Part one here!

Day 10

Apple and cinnamon today, which reminds me a bit of apple pie/strudel etc which are things I really can’t stand, hopefully it’s more like cider or apple juice than those!

While it’s steeping all I can smell is just a tea smell, the apple or cinnamon aren’t coming through particularly strongly.


The cinnamon is the strongest flavour but isn’t particularly strong, but if I do a sort of wine tasting thing I get the apple taste and it’s not very tasty really

Day 11

Today is a straight forward chai – which I can’t imagine would be possible to be bad in anyway!

While it is steeping it has a fairly similar smell to many of the previous teas, mostly cinnamon!


This is the first one that I’ve thought would be improved with some milk, I’m used to my milky chais! But otherwise it’s good!

*short interlude while I pop to the kitchen*

Ok added some oat milk and yes this is a very good tea!

Day 12

I’m waking myself up with an apparently invigorating tea today.

It’s called turmeric active and it does smell like Indian food and looks like it may stain my mug yellow!


Gosh it’s pretty spicy*, definitely invigorating but also a little bitter so it’s not one I’d drink a lot, but it might just wake me up enough this morning!

*probably not very spicy – I have a very low tolerance for spice

Day 13

I am not keen on the idea of this tea, it is blackcurrant based and I don’t really like blackcurrant drinks.

It smells a bit like a cold remedy while it is steeping – the blackcurrant is very strong, it’s definitely one of the prettier teas though as the water has gone very purpley!


The blackcurrant isn’t very strong, the other spices/herbs are much stronger and there’s a very bitter edge to the flavour, probably my least favourite so far.

Day 14

This sounds like the perfect tea for anyone with a bit of a cold, it is lemon, ginger and manuka honey. I’m mostly healthy today so I’ll just have enjoy it as a tasty tea!

It smells similar to many of the others that have had ginger in, slightly spicy and gingery.


The ginger is spicy in a warming way and the bitterness of the lemon not too strong, but it’s definitely something that would be best appreciated by a sore throat and cold!

Day 15

Another minty one, which again I’m somewhat concerned about!

It has some interesting other ingredients, like fennel and rose, which may make for a good tea experience?

While it is steeping the mint is fairly strong but the other herbs are definitely discernible.


mmm it is a tasty mix, it’s quite sweet and the mint isn’t overbearing and the other herbs peek through pleasantly!

Day 16

I’m conflicted about whether I’m going to like this one, on one hand it’s green tea! on the other hand it’s fruit tea!!

It does sound like a good healthy start to Sunday though, with echinacea to stave off any potential pre Christmas colds!

Just smells like fruit though so I’m still no less concerned while it steeps!


ok the fruit is pretty subtle, just adding sweetness, and the green tea tastes really good!