Advent Teas Part 1!

This year for Advent I got a Pukka Tea Calendar – it’s so pretty and smells amazing!

Here’s my thoughts about the first nine days!

Day 1

First I find that the numbers are not from top left, but randomly placed! Number one is in the middle, 3 rows from the bottom! It’s called revitalise which sounds like a good start to the month.

The cinnamon gives it a very Christmassy smell while it is steeping and the ginger smells like it will blow away any cold I might be getting!


Hmm, not one I’d drink every day, but it’d be good after a night out or when ill, very warming as well!

Day 2

Today’s is three mint, which is not a flavour I’m particularly keen on but that’s see how we go!

I can definitely smell the mints while it is steeping, but it doesn’t overpower the tea smell particularly


The mint is pretty subtle though it makes my tongue feel a little odd after a sip. I think because the tea is hot but mint causes me to taste cold? It’s an interesting taste for sure!

Day 3

Three ginger today (there is more than one type of ginger??).

It doesn’t darken the water very much while steeping and the ginger smell is quite subtle. I don’t know what galangal is but it sounds like a new term for gal pals


mmm this is is a good tea, subtle but slightly spiced and warming, I’d definitely keep a box in the cupboard!

Day 4

Today’s is chamomile, vanilla & manuka honey.

The smell of honey was quite pronounced when I took the bag out of the packet but now it’s been steeping for a few minutes the chamomile has totally taken over.


Ah the honey comes back slightly when I drink, giving the chamomile more sweetness than it would otherwise have. I can’t really taste or smell the vanilla!

Day 5

My latest in the day tea drinking so far, at gone 11pm!

I can smell the lemony scent as it steeps, it’s very fresh.


mm this reminds me of lemon flavoured ice tea, but more herby and of course hot! I think that means this would make an excellent ice tea in the summer.

Day 6

How am I not drinking tea till 11pm again!

So today I have lean matcha green, which sounds really interesting and tasty! It’s seems to be the most tea smelling of the bags so far, the herbs/spices are very subtle while it steeps


I do love green tea, the herbs/spices are very much an after taste that enhances the oolong nicely

Day 7

And I’m having this one as a morning tea though I’m already regretting that decision…

Today’s a combination that I’m rather put off by, partly due to *someone* who gave me delicacies from her homeland which taste like mint, licorice and regret

The smell is turning my stomach a little while the bag steeps

*sips nervously*

ok the taste is a lot sweeter than the smell lets on, this is actually not too bad, just the minty coldness that’s strange.

Day 8

Day 8! And today I learn there’s more than one type of cinnamon

This must be the most Christmassy tea so far, that cinnamon smells amazing!


*sips* Yep that’s definitely cinnamon! No idea if the different types have different nuanced flavours but to me it’s just a very tasty cinnamon concoction!

(I’m in the process of getting Christmas decorations out hence the snowflake lighting on the photos )

Day 9

This one sounds like a very wake you up kinda tea, not ideal for 11pm but also I’ve been lazy all day so maybe it’ll spur me on to finish a few things!

It is ginseng matcha green and has a very tasty matcha green smell


oh yes this is a good tasting tea, there’s a slight bitterness to it, especially after a few recent ones that were quite sweet – but I think I could drink it regularly. Let’s see if it helps my inner spring as the bag of the packet says!