Advent Teas Part 3!

Part 2 here!

Day 17

Another chai, which I may add milk to again, we’ll see!

It smells like chai, so that’s a win!


well this seems ok without milk, the vanilla adds sweetness that means that it tastes pretty good as is. If I got this one to drink more regularly I’d probably add milk, and probably even make iced chai latte with it, but as a one off cup this works well!

Day 18

Uh oh Turmeric again, though this one has an interesting sounding green tea -Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea.

We’ll see how this goes, it smells very curry-like!


The turmeric is a very strong flavour, I don’t think I can taste the green tea at all. It’s not bad, just kind of an odd flavour for tea. Someone did suggest last time I had a turmeric tea that the teabag would make a great ingredient for a curry!

Day 19

This one is called After Dinner so I dutifully waited till after I had my dinner to make it!

There’s no particular smell that I can work out while it steeps, just “spices”.


It’s a pleasant initial sip and then leaves a kind of bitter aftertaste that I’m not too keen on. Subsequent sips seem a little less bitter though, so it’s definitely growing on me as I keep drinking.

Day 20

I’m excited about this one, it’s a matcha green tea!

Not much to report on the smell – it’s tea!


mm yes a good cup of green tea

Day 21

This one sounds adorable, it’s called love 😍

I’m a bit disappointed that the tea itself is just a normal tea colour and not pink, but also all the pink/purple teas have been kinda bad fruit teas so I guess that’s for the best! Also the chamomile is the strongest smell as it steeps


mm the rose and lavender seem to taste a little stronger than they smell making for a pleasantly floral mix!

Day 22

This one seems to have been made to protect you from colds you might catch from meeting your family over the holiday!

It is a fruity one though, so we’ll see – the fruity smell is pretty good while it steeps.


mm I’m still not a huge fan of the fruit teas but it’s not too bad and hopefully will keep me healthy over the holiday!

Day 23

Today is my penultimate teabag! I’ll be drinking the final cup tomorrow evening at my mum’s where I am spending Christmas (you’ll see why I’m waiting till the evening when I post then!) 😁

Today’s is called relax, which is what you need in these last couple of days before Christmas! It certainly smells relaxing while it steeps.


It’s very sweet and pleasant with no harsh flavours, I don’t know if it’s relaxing but it’s certainly tasty!

Day 24

The final one, which means one more sleep till Christmas!

I’m writing this from my mum’s house, though she has the exact same mug as me so you can’t actually tell from the photos!

Today’s tea is night time which is why I’m doing this now! And it has a very strong chamomile smell.


A flowery mix, the chamomile is a little strong though. I’m not sure I need its help sleeping, already pretty tired!

Advent Teas Part 2!

Part one here!

Day 10

Apple and cinnamon today, which reminds me a bit of apple pie/strudel etc which are things I really can’t stand, hopefully it’s more like cider or apple juice than those!

While it’s steeping all I can smell is just a tea smell, the apple or cinnamon aren’t coming through particularly strongly.


The cinnamon is the strongest flavour but isn’t particularly strong, but if I do a sort of wine tasting thing I get the apple taste and it’s not very tasty really

Day 11

Today is a straight forward chai – which I can’t imagine would be possible to be bad in anyway!

While it is steeping it has a fairly similar smell to many of the previous teas, mostly cinnamon!


This is the first one that I’ve thought would be improved with some milk, I’m used to my milky chais! But otherwise it’s good!

*short interlude while I pop to the kitchen*

Ok added some oat milk and yes this is a very good tea!

Day 12

I’m waking myself up with an apparently invigorating tea today.

It’s called turmeric active and it does smell like Indian food and looks like it may stain my mug yellow!


Gosh it’s pretty spicy*, definitely invigorating but also a little bitter so it’s not one I’d drink a lot, but it might just wake me up enough this morning!

*probably not very spicy – I have a very low tolerance for spice

Day 13

I am not keen on the idea of this tea, it is blackcurrant based and I don’t really like blackcurrant drinks.

It smells a bit like a cold remedy while it is steeping – the blackcurrant is very strong, it’s definitely one of the prettier teas though as the water has gone very purpley!


The blackcurrant isn’t very strong, the other spices/herbs are much stronger and there’s a very bitter edge to the flavour, probably my least favourite so far.

Day 14

This sounds like the perfect tea for anyone with a bit of a cold, it is lemon, ginger and manuka honey. I’m mostly healthy today so I’ll just have enjoy it as a tasty tea!

It smells similar to many of the others that have had ginger in, slightly spicy and gingery.


The ginger is spicy in a warming way and the bitterness of the lemon not too strong, but it’s definitely something that would be best appreciated by a sore throat and cold!

Day 15

Another minty one, which again I’m somewhat concerned about!

It has some interesting other ingredients, like fennel and rose, which may make for a good tea experience?

While it is steeping the mint is fairly strong but the other herbs are definitely discernible.


mmm it is a tasty mix, it’s quite sweet and the mint isn’t overbearing and the other herbs peek through pleasantly!

Day 16

I’m conflicted about whether I’m going to like this one, on one hand it’s green tea! on the other hand it’s fruit tea!!

It does sound like a good healthy start to Sunday though, with echinacea to stave off any potential pre Christmas colds!

Just smells like fruit though so I’m still no less concerned while it steeps!


ok the fruit is pretty subtle, just adding sweetness, and the green tea tastes really good!

Advent Teas Part 1!

This year for Advent I got a Pukka Tea Calendar – it’s so pretty and smells amazing!

Here’s my thoughts about the first nine days!

Day 1

First I find that the numbers are not from top left, but randomly placed! Number one is in the middle, 3 rows from the bottom! It’s called revitalise which sounds like a good start to the month.

The cinnamon gives it a very Christmassy smell while it is steeping and the ginger smells like it will blow away any cold I might be getting!


Hmm, not one I’d drink every day, but it’d be good after a night out or when ill, very warming as well!

Day 2

Today’s is three mint, which is not a flavour I’m particularly keen on but that’s see how we go!

I can definitely smell the mints while it is steeping, but it doesn’t overpower the tea smell particularly


The mint is pretty subtle though it makes my tongue feel a little odd after a sip. I think because the tea is hot but mint causes me to taste cold? It’s an interesting taste for sure!

Day 3

Three ginger today (there is more than one type of ginger??).

It doesn’t darken the water very much while steeping and the ginger smell is quite subtle. I don’t know what galangal is but it sounds like a new term for gal pals


mmm this is is a good tea, subtle but slightly spiced and warming, I’d definitely keep a box in the cupboard!

Day 4

Today’s is chamomile, vanilla & manuka honey.

The smell of honey was quite pronounced when I took the bag out of the packet but now it’s been steeping for a few minutes the chamomile has totally taken over.


Ah the honey comes back slightly when I drink, giving the chamomile more sweetness than it would otherwise have. I can’t really taste or smell the vanilla!

Day 5

My latest in the day tea drinking so far, at gone 11pm!

I can smell the lemony scent as it steeps, it’s very fresh.


mm this reminds me of lemon flavoured ice tea, but more herby and of course hot! I think that means this would make an excellent ice tea in the summer.

Day 6

How am I not drinking tea till 11pm again!

So today I have lean matcha green, which sounds really interesting and tasty! It’s seems to be the most tea smelling of the bags so far, the herbs/spices are very subtle while it steeps


I do love green tea, the herbs/spices are very much an after taste that enhances the oolong nicely

Day 7

And I’m having this one as a morning tea though I’m already regretting that decision…

Today’s a combination that I’m rather put off by, partly due to *someone* who gave me delicacies from her homeland which taste like mint, licorice and regret

The smell is turning my stomach a little while the bag steeps

*sips nervously*

ok the taste is a lot sweeter than the smell lets on, this is actually not too bad, just the minty coldness that’s strange.

Day 8

Day 8! And today I learn there’s more than one type of cinnamon

This must be the most Christmassy tea so far, that cinnamon smells amazing!


*sips* Yep that’s definitely cinnamon! No idea if the different types have different nuanced flavours but to me it’s just a very tasty cinnamon concoction!

(I’m in the process of getting Christmas decorations out hence the snowflake lighting on the photos )

Day 9

This one sounds like a very wake you up kinda tea, not ideal for 11pm but also I’ve been lazy all day so maybe it’ll spur me on to finish a few things!

It is ginseng matcha green and has a very tasty matcha green smell


oh yes this is a good tasting tea, there’s a slight bitterness to it, especially after a few recent ones that were quite sweet – but I think I could drink it regularly. Let’s see if it helps my inner spring as the bag of the packet says!

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